What’s Shaking?!

My legs that’s what!

If you have taken any type of bar class (no, for all you lawyers, I’m not talking BARBRI, although I’m sure that produces similar results…sweating, increased heart rate, weight loss, etc.), then you must know what I’m talking about! The Shake. Or when your muscles are changing.

As a recent Bar Method convert (I used to dabble in running), I have scoured the internets for a really good, thorough review of people’s experiences and results with bar classes, and have been less than impressed with what I found so far. Yes, there are a bunch of Yelp reviews and a handful of testimonies about how BAR METHOD IS AMAZING and how people saw changes in their bodies in less than 5 weeks, but other than that, I’m afraid there isn’t much more. And I mean, if I’m going to invest the time and money in it, I want to know what to expect, what I should wear, who is the toughest teacher, what happens after week 7. Ya know! A girl’s gotta know!

So here is my quest to change that!

Final Thoughts: Embrace the MilkShake

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