Bar Method: Day 1 – What to Expect


Photo Source: Bar Method

So you’ve signed up for your first Bar Method class. Congratulations!

Here’s what you can expect:

– Being inspired by all the other fit Bar Method addicts participants

– A strong desire to only wear Lululemon attire. (hopefully, not the sheer variety as there is A LOT of bending over)

– Shaking. I know you’ve probably read all about it. But I didn’t fully get what shaking was until it happened to me and to be honest, it kind of freaked me out. It’s normally not a good thing when it feels like you’ve lost complete control of your body. But as you “embrace the shake” and get more used to it, it’s a good indicator on if you’re really pushing your body to it’s fullest potential. And for those of you not shaking, then you can go lower. I know even after your first class, you may be sick of hearing that. But it’s really true.

– A full body workout – Yes, in just 60 minutes you will have toned you arms (goodbye batwings!), thighs (oh boy do you ever!), butt (Sir Mix a Lot should endorse this class!), abs(olutely a killer!), and (thankfully) lots of stretching throughout the whole class.

– An instructor calling you out in class. Another added perk to the class, is that the instructors know everyone’s name and are not afraid to use it in class. Although I have read that some people are not a fan, I for one, really like it because I’m paying good money to make sure I am doing it right. Plus, it’s always nice to be praised (or shamed) every once in a while.


Here’s the class breakdown:

Warm Up – Leg lifts.

Arms – You use small weights (2 – 5lbs) to do multiple reps of small 1 inch/full range movements. Then there are push ups and triceps dips, which by the end have you trembling! Oh, also there is a plank tucked in there too. 60 counts…and they count slowww.


Thigh – Every class, I dread thigh. It is the most painful, yet challenging part of class. I don’t even want to really talk about it for fear it will know I was badmouthing it and take vengeance in class today.


Seat – This portion exercises your booty and will seriously get it lifted. I once spoke to a woman who complained that it made her butt too big and she had to buy new jeans. If only I had that problem!


More thigh – Round back, as it’s technically called, is no where near as bad as the thigh mentioned above. It’s definitely still challenging, but I don’t fear it (as much) and it’s actually my favorite part of class. The key in this exercise is to get your leg as straight as possible and to keep it that way. Oy vey!

Abs – At first, I didn’t think it was actually working and felt too easy. But guess, what…I was doing it wrong! The instructors were quick to adjust me and after that I cursed the day that I ever questioned the ab exercises!

Back Dancing – This is the final burn in class and if you didn’t think you pushed yourself hard enough during the earlier 55 minutes, now is your chance to really seal the deal.


All in all, Bar Method is a workout unlike any I have ever tried. And I like it. I like it a lot.

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