Weekly Workout Recap: Tuck, Tuck, Tuck!


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This past week was great! Work was less crazy than usual (always a good thing!) and I made it to Bar Method for a record breaking 6 days! A true accomplishment in my opinion.

Here’s what happened:

Monday – Bar Method – Level 1 class. Felt really strong. Took all the advanced options and even made it through the entire plank! Amazing start to the week!

Tuesday – (AM) gym session – 1 mile run, 30 minutes of calisthenics. Definitely got my butt kicked! (PM) Bar Method –  Mixed class. Honestly, I thought the two workouts per day would leave me dying, but my afternoon Bar Method session, actually worked and stretched out any soreness that I felt from my earlier workout. Who would have thought?!

Wednesday – Bar Method – Mixed class. Lauren, the teacher of the day, did the possibly toughest set of abdominal exercises I have ever encountered. Seriously, may the fat on my abs RIP. Amen.

Thursday – Bar Method – Mixed class.

Friday – Rest day. My left ankle was feeling a bit sore, so I thought it would be best to give my ankle the day off.

Saturday and Sunday– Bar Method was having FREE classes so I encouraged some friends to join. I think I made some bar-lievers this weekend. Get it?! P.S. Laura, the Bar Method instructor in training was awesome! I look forward to future classes with her!

Looking back on this past week, I feel like I had more energy (aka I didn’t fall asleep on the couch by 9PM…it’s really the little things) and I actually looked forward to class (thigh workout and all). Plus, I really liked the challenge of seeing how many times this week I could go, how far I could push my body, and how much lower I could get (and not pass out from the burn!).

Let’s hope I can keep it up!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap: Tuck, Tuck, Tuck!

  1. Congrats on going 6 days a week! I have been a bar methodist since January and find 6 days a week is really tough for recovery and 5 days works best for me. Keep up the posts I heard about you from another BM gal today- this is fun!

    • WOW, go Kris! You’re almost at a solid year of going to Bar Method! Very awesome and quite an accomplishment! Honestly, I think going to bar 6 days a week was a fluke and I actually noticed my form declining on the 6th class. So I definitely agree that the perfect amount of class per week is 4-5 times. Did you ever notice your thighs bulking first before they slimmed?

      – Lesley

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