Tip #2 for a Better Barre: Don’t Get Discouraged



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“Lesley square your hips.”  “Lesley go lower.” “Lesley chest up, shoulders back.”

Yes, by the end of a Bar Method class, I’m pretty sure everyone knows my name from how often it gets called out. I know some people (really) don’t like this method because it can be embarrassing, but you can’t let it get you down. I mean, even after 30 plus classes (hooray/scary – I am almost able to take Level 2 classes!), I still hear my name being called out on improper form and such. And although, I wish I heard more praises throughout the workout, for as much as I’m paying each month, I want to be pushed and corrected (if necessary) as often as possible in class.

But that’s just me. What are your thoughts?


Weekly Workout Recap: Things to be Thankful for…

By far Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s not all about the presents, but more so about gathering and enjoying the company of family and friends with TONS of food. What’s not to love?! And this year was no different. J and I had both of our families in town and cooked (and ate) way too much food!

And despite the holiday and family being in town for much of the week, I still was thankfully able to make my way to Bar Method. Here was my week:

Monday – Level 1 – Bar Method – After resting my knee for three days and not feeling much pain, I took it eas(ier) with a Level 1 class. My knee felt fine and I made sure to stop if anything made my knee feel funky.

Tuesday – Mixed Class – Bar Method – Another challenging class as usual, but I had to ask Kate A and Kate G for modifications since my knee felt some discomfort (as usual) during Standing Seat.

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – Rest day – I was in the kitchen for what felt like all day cooking, so I wasn’t able to find time to escape to class. Booo…

Friday – Mixed class – Bar Method – Ate wayyy too much the day before, and needed an extra hard class like Kate G’s to work off all that stuffing and pie.

Saturday – Mixed class – Bar Method – I took this class with Jenna N and I (almost) forgot how hard of a teacher she is. Seriously, she makes plank feel like it’s never going to end…Thankfully, I love it?! Maybe?

Sunday – Rest day – Today when I woke up, I happened to press around to check on my knee and it hurt as if there was a bruise on it, just without there actually being a bruise. Totally, a RED FLAG for me. And after a bunch of WedMD-ing, this probably means I should take the next week off (if not longer) from Bar Method to rest my knee. I am super bummed…and hope I don’t have to see a doctor.

How was your holiday?

Weekly Workout Recap

Here is what I did this past week:

MondayBar Method – Mixed Class. As always the instructor Lauren, killed it in class. She’s one of the toughest teachers I have faced yet. Highly recommended!

Tuesday – AM Workout – 10 minutes of walking on the treadmill. (P.S. If you really want to hustle and sweat from walking on the treadmill, up your incline to 15. Yowsa – I was drenched even after 10 minutes and a 3.6 mph pace.) 30 minutes of calisthenics. And by the PM, I was feeling like a second workout for the day was going to be too much for my body, so I cancelled my class at Bar Method. (Tip: Listen to your body.)

Wednesday – Bar Method – Mixed Class. For some reason my lower back was really sore from the workout the day before, plus we did Standing Seat, which I am not a fan of because no matter how many modifications I do, it makes my knee feel a bit uncomfortable, so this wasn’t my best class. But I did finally get taught by the studio’s owner, Kate A, who to be honest kind of made me nervous (and is actually SO incredibly sweet!) I mean, she’s the owner therefore a bar method know it all!

Thursday – AM Workout – 10 minutes of walking on the treadmill and 30 minutes of calisthenics, during which I was lucky enough to get to do hurdles with these cool Nike contraptions. So much fun! Hopefully you were able to catch my sarcasm? Those thing are cute, but will certainly kick your butt. PM Bar Method – Mixed Class. We did a new version of Standing Seat, which made my knees feel a lot more comfortable! Woohoo!

Friday/Saturday/Sunday – Forced rest days due to being out of town. Just lots (but really), lots of walking and snacking my way throughout NYC.

So I must admit, I definitely missed my weekend Bar Method classes (a lot more than I thought I would) and am kind of (really) excited and looking forward to get my butt back into Bar Method tomorrow. We’ll see if I’m still saying that during thigh!

Remember that time we had a guy in our class?


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I certainly do! For the first time in my Bar Method adventure, I had a guy in my class. A guy! Seriously, sometimes I think it’s like seeing Bigfoot…only (hopefully) less hairy? And guess what, he struggled (and cursed) through the workout just as much (if not more) than us women. And, it wasn’t even his first class either! So for all you gentlemen, who think it’s going to be too “girly” or easy for you, think again!

Nice Stems.


Option 1, Option 2

Is what I hope people will be saying to me as I rock, either of these options for J’s annual company holiday party. (Personally, I’m leaning towards the number 1, but I’d be happy with either.)  This year, the party is on December 13th, which will be here before you know it. This can only mean one thing: I’ll see you at bar?! My legs are shaking already.

P.S. I hope you all got which movie the title of the post is from! As if, you wouldn’t. *hint hint*

Weekly Workout Recap: Tuck, Tuck, Tuck!


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This past week was great! Work was less crazy than usual (always a good thing!) and I made it to Bar Method for a record breaking 6 days! A true accomplishment in my opinion.

Here’s what happened:

Monday – Bar Method – Level 1 class. Felt really strong. Took all the advanced options and even made it through the entire plank! Amazing start to the week!

Tuesday – (AM) gym session – 1 mile run, 30 minutes of calisthenics. Definitely got my butt kicked! (PM) Bar Method –  Mixed class. Honestly, I thought the two workouts per day would leave me dying, but my afternoon Bar Method session, actually worked and stretched out any soreness that I felt from my earlier workout. Who would have thought?!

Wednesday – Bar Method – Mixed class. Lauren, the teacher of the day, did the possibly toughest set of abdominal exercises I have ever encountered. Seriously, may the fat on my abs RIP. Amen.

Thursday – Bar Method – Mixed class.

Friday – Rest day. My left ankle was feeling a bit sore, so I thought it would be best to give my ankle the day off.

Saturday and Sunday– Bar Method was having FREE classes so I encouraged some friends to join. I think I made some bar-lievers this weekend. Get it?! P.S. Laura, the Bar Method instructor in training was awesome! I look forward to future classes with her!

Looking back on this past week, I feel like I had more energy (aka I didn’t fall asleep on the couch by 9PM…it’s really the little things) and I actually looked forward to class (thigh workout and all). Plus, I really liked the challenge of seeing how many times this week I could go, how far I could push my body, and how much lower I could get (and not pass out from the burn!).

Let’s hope I can keep it up!