Tip #2 for a Better Barre: Don’t Get Discouraged



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“Lesley square your hips.”  “Lesley go lower.” “Lesley chest up, shoulders back.”

Yes, by the end of a Bar Method class, I’m pretty sure everyone knows my name from how often it gets called out. I know some people (really) don’t like this method because it can be embarrassing, but you can’t let it get you down. I mean, even after 30 plus classes (hooray/scary – I am almost able to take Level 2 classes!), I still hear my name being called out on improper form and such. And although, I wish I heard more praises throughout the workout, for as much as I’m paying each month, I want to be pushed and corrected (if necessary) as often as possible in class.

But that’s just me. What are your thoughts?


Tip #1 for a Better Barre: Have One Goal Per Class

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A co-worker of mine (hey Julia!), gave me some very sage advice the other day, which really stuck with me. She told me that for each class, I should focus on one goal. Whether it’s sinking just a little bit lower, pushing through one more set of thigh (I shudder just thinking about that), or lifting that leg 1 inch higher, it has really helped me improve my concentration and work that much harder in class.

What helps you get through class?